Monday, March 13, 2006

Spring Cleanin'

Yesterday, while Anna manned the tasting room, Holly, Tommy, and I spent the day spring cleaning. The little room upstairs houses our office and storage. We don't have much room up there but need to store all the backstock -- tasting room giftware, decorations for events and holidays, all the other supplies we need for events (paper plates, silverware, etc.), materials for gift baskets, janitorial supplies, mailing supplies, labels, wine filters.... you get the picture.

It felt like one of those organization shows on TV. We pulled everything off the shelves and organized it by use. Then we sorted, threw away the stuff we didn't need, and put it all back on the shelves in zones based on use.

It was a long day, had very little to do with winemaking, but incredibly productive. I feel like I know where everything is. At least for the moment.

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