Friday, March 17, 2006

Mardi Gras

Ok, I know it's late to talk about Mardi Gras but I just got some photos and wanted to share one.

It's the first time we've celebrated Mardi Gras with a festival at the winery and we all had a great time. My only problem was time -- I worked Saturday and had to stay up late cooking gumbo and muffaletta and the like. However, several winery friends offered to help cook next time to lighten the load. I need to take them up on their offer in the future...

When we first decided to do the festival, one of the main elements was to be a donation to Katrina relief. Because of all our winery animals, we decided to donate it to helping with the efforts to save pets and reuniting them with their owners. We raised about $400 for Noah's Wish -- a nonprofit organization that helps animals during emergencies.

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