Sunday, March 19, 2006

Dogs and cats - Oh, my!

While visiting the wineries up north a few weeks ago, we loved meeting the big, gentle Bernese Mountain Dog, Cooper, at Bowers Harbor Winery. We're an animal-friendly winery, too, as most of you know.

Rosie (Rosé), our Airedale terrier, is the most visible. Other than during larger events, she's around to greet visitors most of the time. She's a lovely hostess, although occasionally forgets that she isn't employed to be a watch dog too.

Oliver (pictured) is a big, pushy, Maine Coon-style kitty. He visits on a regular basis, leaping on bar stools and sashaying back and forth across laps.

Scooter also visits on occasion, although his favorite places are the kitty beds in the back room.

We hope you enjoy the pets as part of your visit. We think they make the experience more memorable. If any of them make you at all uncomfortable please tell us. We want your visit with us to be comfortable!

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