Saturday, August 02, 2008

California - Day 4: UC Davis

It was an amazing day. At the end of it, our brains were tired, our taste buds were tired, and we'd learned about as much as we could in a single-day class.

This class was the reason we made the trip to California. Holly has always wanted to take sommelier training, and this was the closest we could find without a long-term commitment.

"Advanced Wine Tasting" is a course set up to train and certify judges for the California State Fair wine competition. Those students who wished to be certified, paid an additional fee and took a test that day on their wine tasting knowledge. We weren't particularly interested in the certification, we just wanted the training. There were about 80 students in the class and about one-half took the test.

It was a hands-on class. Over the day we tasted about 50 wines for various aspects such as acids, sugars, tannins, flaws, and varietal character. Essentially the day was one long test (some of us were graded, some were not) -- an interesting and useful teaching technique.

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