Saturday, January 26, 2008

Port in a Storm

We released our first official port, Port in a Storm, about 6 weeks ago or so. It's a lovely port -- made from estate-grown Frontenac and Chambourcin grapes.

But the bottle gets as much attention as the lovely wine inside. We saw this bottle about a year ago and knew we had to use it at some point. It leans about 15 degrees to starboard (or port, perhaps?), has a gorgeous thick bottom and a wooden T-top so it becomes a decanter after opening.

When we made the decision to use it, we knew we needed to go all out. So the name of the wine, the label, and the bottle all suggest a boat in a storm. In addition, we individually dipped the top of each bottle in wax and added a message-in-a-bottle tied around the neck.

Fun bottle, great wine. What more could you ask?

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