Monday, February 12, 2007

Reflections On A Year

I began this blog just a little over a year ago. Our first Mardi Gras Festival hadn't happened yet (where Holly and I spent the afternoon wondering if the building would burst at the seams, we had so many party-ers).

I was still working at the museum. But my "job" here was also pretty much full-time. We were starting to suspect that I'd have to make a move eventually -- I couldn't continue at that pace forever. And I knew that I wouldn't be able to give each place my full attention as this job grew and grew.

I left the museum in April, thinking it would be easier to do just one job. Well, yes, it's been a little easier. I'm no longer trying to focus on two sets of events, two budgets, two of everything. But as soon as I arrived, we (make that mostly "I") added lots of extra tasks -- more events, more wholesale outlets, our new tasting room in the Dexter Cider Mill, that sort of thing. It's been a busy year!

My job change and its resulting changes within the winery have been the been most dramatic changes this year. But all that is really just a part of our steady growth since opening in late 2003. This fall we made far more wine than we've ever made before. Holly's used pretty much every inch of space in the cellar and on the cement apron outside. There's wine stacked up everywhere!

At this point, we deal with growing pains everday. But that's a wondeful problem to have!

Our 2nd annual Mardi Gras Festival is scheduled for this coming Sunday. We should be better prepared for the crowds. We've rented a heated tent and porta-john. I'll make even more food. And the Dixieland band should be perfect for the occasion. It promises to be a great party.

And it's been a very good year.

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