Thursday, December 28, 2006

"All right, Mr. DeMille, I'm ready for my closeup" or "Will work for cheese"

Sometimes it can be difficult working with a star. But after "signing" almost 30 books, Rosie is still pretty down-to-earth.

If you don't know, Rosie is featured in the new book, "Wine Dogs: USA Edition." It's a wonderful book filled with great photos of winery dogs across the United States, including Rosie and several other Michigan wine dogs.

She held an official "booksigning" in October, shortly after the book's release. We bought a washable stamp pad, and Rosie "signed" with her paw mark. After each book-signing she was rewarded with a cube of cheese (her favorite food -- as is says in the book).

Since then, she's signed books upon request.

But so far, she hasn't let show business go to her head.

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Anonymous said...

Rose is a very talented girl - I've tired to get Ozzie to sign with his paw and ended up with paw prints everywhere EXCEPT on the documents!! :-)
I grew up in the Detroit suburbs! My old college roommates still live there, and I get back now and then. Will make a trip to the winery a priority!
mistress of longears