Friday, June 16, 2006

On the Eve of Another Event

Every time we hold an event, I think I'll post about it on the blog. Then the event comes and goes, and I get caught up in whatever's coming next. So this time I thought I'd post before the fact.

Our newest event takes place tomorrow, **Father's Day Saturday.** When we started the winery it didn't occur to us that we'd be hosting events almost constantly (or so it feels...). But once we started, we were hooked! Events allow us to do some of those things we would like to do on a regular basis (live music, food, all that fun stuff) but can't. It's great to have an excuse to party.

In some ways I could have guessed that this would be how we'd evolve. B. W. (Before Winery) the family took every opportunity to have a party. We celebrated our dog's birthday. We had theme parties (a memorable one was the **Airplane** party for one of my birthdays) with costumes and themed foods. Looking back... it was a natural progression.

Coming into a new event there's always lots of unknowns. Will people attend? Will the weather hold? Will we have enough food? Do we have enough staff? However, it always seems to work out. Lots of old friends (and some new ones) visit. The music is great. There's enough food.

Let's hope tomorrow works out as well as the events have in the past. Maybe you should show up, grab some wine and cheese, and find a soft spot on the grass to enjoy the jazz...